Micro the Microprocessor

Micro with Pins

     Micro from our MicroKits Theremin Kit is a type of integrated circuit known as a microprocessor. Micro has 8 pins. One pin takes in power, and one other connects to ground. The other pins do different things depending on the code stored inside Micro. For our theremin kit, we wrote code that tells Micro to have two inputs and two outputs.

Micro Thinking

     Inside Micro are three subsystems: a way to send and receive data from the outside world, a way to store code, and a way to process information. Micro combines what is stored in their memory with what they measure from the outside world. How Micro reacts to the signals they receive depends on what code they are running.

Micro Signals

     In the MicroKits theremin, Micro receives two signals from Tick. By counting how often pulses arrive on the volume and pitch signals, Micro knows how long it takes Tick to charge the volume and pitch antenna. Using code, Micro converts these signals into a musical output signal. This signal is sent to the speaker, after being amplified by a transistor.  

     Microprocessors are like tiny, simple computers. While a computer connects to many gadgets and does many things at once, Micro only connects to Tick and the speaker, and has only one job. But Micro does a great job!

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