Hello There,

I'm David Levi. I’m an electrical engineer, toy designer, and now, thanks to MicroKits, a small business owner. I began designing the MicroKits theremin kit in 2016, and in 2017 I built and sold a couple hundred. This small success lead me to work as an electrical engineer in a few of the largest toy companies. But, like so many others, I was laid off in 2020. I decided to combine the skills I had learned in the toy industry with the theremin kit I had already designed, and started MicroKits in earnest.

I've always known I wanted to be an engineer. Thanks to my middle school's ham radio club, I was able to get an early start on electronics, soldering together all kinds of simple electronic kits. I've been constantly tinkering and inventing since then.

Now, I want to help the next generation of engineers, and make circuits accessible to everyone. For our first kit, I decided to create a theremin. Theremins are one of the most spectacular ways to demonstrate the physics behind circuits. When I was a young student, it took hundreds of dollars and complicated assembly to build a theremin. But with this kit, I've made it easy for anyone to get started.

We've sold thousands of theremin kits and are now working on our next inventions. If you want to be the first to know when our next invention is available, sign up below.