A Cassette Sized Analog Synthesizer

An analog keyboard synth that's approachable, affordable, and adorable!

Making Synths Accessible

Other analog synthesizers are expensive and hard to understand. So many musicians, hobbyists, and students are missing out on the creativity synths can provide. So, we're creating a new type of synth that's easy to use, affordable, and fun to play!

Make a Banana Keyboard!

Create your own keyboard by connecting the touchpads to fruit. Or anything else conductive! The Synth-a-Sette is all about expanding creativity, and we can’t wait to see what you create with it!

(Subject to Change, we're Still Tweaking the Product!)



Monophonic capactive touchpad keyboard with an octave of range

"Octave" touchpad instantly raises note by an octave, giving you an extra octave of range


Switch to turn on Vibrato effect, which will make the note playing "warble"

Switch to turn on Slide effect, which will add portamento and cause pitch to slide between the notes being played

Knob to adjust volume

Knob to tune and adjust pitch


Built in 1 watt speaker

External line out to connect to headphones or other amps or synths


Powered by either two AAA Batteries (not included) or a USB-C cable (not included)

When powered by batteries, it will automatically turn off after five minutes of inactivity, saving power

Hour of battery life


The size of a cassette, 10 mm by 6 mm or about 4 in by 2.5 in

Weights 60 g or about 2 oz with batteries installed

Ships inside a standard cassette case

Making Music & STEM Fun

At MicroKits, we make electronic musical instruments anyone can enjoy and learn from. After the success of our Theremin Electronics Kit, we're jumping into the world of synthesizers with the Synth-a-Sette!

In Development Now

After a dozen prototypes, we've almost perfected the design of the Synth-a-Sette. We're crowdfunding our synth this summer to reach more people, and plan to manufacture our first batch by the end of this year.