Theremin Kits Available Now!

 I first started making theremin kits in 2017, which lead me to work as an electrical engineer in a few of the largest toy companies. While working in the toy industry, I stepped back from making kits due to conflict of interest with my company. But, like so many people, I was laid off in 2020. So, I decided to use the skill I had learned in the toy industry to start turning MicroKits into a real business.

With that said, Theremin Kits are now available again! And these kits have a few additions from the original, such as an LED that changes brightness depending on pitch, smarter auto-calibration, and better packaging. We are now in the middle of producing 1000 kits and can’t wait to hear what you think of them when you get your hands on them! Or, get your hands “around” them, since this is a theremin.